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Millet, eggs and brown sugar either is noodle soup, there is no way I do not know how to vent, in order to restrain my daughter forced to eat, all these parents so far do not know. How hard and tears to rebut about my daughter's future life
Woman is always the poet's most beautiful description of the pennant pleated skirts, vermilion vermilion, willow bristles, than any monks should devout, put the fire three days a day, wind and rain constantly, it is the gentle tears that make the world. Woman so, the world is so.

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One day, I went to the city, passing a vegetable market, I saw people shout. Approaching u0026 mdash; see, Mr Pi is Mr. Pi and his wife u0026 mdash; starting to sell vegetables.
line up not too tight, too crowded, which is not to maintain order, more reasonable and more scientific! Just like doing things properly, leaving room for the total There will be time to benefit. This is not exactly a full interpretation of the trick! Later, the rules of a rice noodle appeared more and more widely in my life and I became more accustomed to being more natural when I consciously obeyed it.
Women, if water, the water can also carry the boat capsized, the woman, just as trickle numerous, but there is no shortage of people like Tao Tao flood. From ancient times to the present, it is no exaggeration to say that those incurable and ambitious hoodwils, wicked women and shrews are fiercer than the fierce floods.
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